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Sungaze is the dreamy, genre-bending project of husband-and-wife Ian Hilvert and Ivory Snow. 

Drawing influence from a wide array of sounds, it's not uncommon for a record to feature a heavy, grunge-laden track followed by an upbeat dream pop anthem with a country lilt. A study in polarity, Sungaze is a testament to some of the best aspects of the modern era of music—if you can dream it, you can create it. 

Hilvert began his musical studies at the tender age of 12 when friends prodded him into learning to play guitar in the interest of starting a punk band. He spent the next decade performing and writing music with several bands in the Cincinnati punk and metal scene before setting his sights upon a new, softer project, now known as Sungaze. Snow's journey was less straightforward. From a young age, she held a burning desire to leave her mark on the world in the form of song but found herself unable to connect with any of the musical instruments she attempted to learn. That changed when Hilvert built and gifted Snow a handmade guitar for her twenty-sixth birthday, and taught her a few simple chords. This opened the floodgates, allowing years of inspiration to finally take form.

Hilvert's heavy edge and years of musical training bring a unique perspective and athleticism to Sungaze's music, while Snow's diverse musical influences and passion for songwriting provide the band's captivating, introspective melodies. With a sound that is simultaneously ethereal and grounded, Sungaze captivates listeners with lush soundscapes, soaring guitar riffs, and otherworldly vocals.

Though Hilvert and Snow are the creative forces behind the band, their live shows feature a talented lineup of musicians including Snow's sister, Angela Colvin, on bass guitar, Zach Starkie on rhythm guitar, Justin Van Wagenen on drums, and Charlie Hausfeld on keys.

Sungaze Album Cover_final.jpg

Sungaze have released two albums independently: 2019's Light in All of It, and 2021's This Dream.  

Light in All of It  later went on to debut on the NACC Top 200 at #91,

maintaining its chart presence  for over six consecutive weeks. 

2022 saw the release of Sungaze's most successful single to date with "New Twang"; drenched in slide guitar, it revealed a fresh new take on their fast-becoming signature sound.

Their third studio album is slated for release in 2024.

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